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We help people of all ages in the Lancaster area recover from pain and injuries while avoiding unnecessary doctors visits, medications, injections, or surgeries. We help you transform your health so you can get back to doing the things you enjoy most! 

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Rates are by appointment. We also offer “packaged” rates for 6 and 8 appointments. Please contact us to learn more.

Because we come to you for each appointment, there is no set times for scheduled appointments. The schedule varies based on the individual’s and Dr. Luke’s availability.


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Here’s What Others are Saying

"Monarch offers high quality one on one service. Dr. Luke addresses your specific needs and goals and understands what is needed to get you back to doing the things you enjoy."

- Jordan, 32 year old runner and weekend warrior

"Dr. Luke provides services superior to your traditional physical therapy clinic. He is knowledgeable and provides tremendous value with every appointment. He helped fix my back pain and helped me return to my daily four mile walks!"

- Terry, 62 year old grandmother

To Book an Appointment Now, Call 484-854-3177